Monday, November 22, 2010

Anti-Bullying 101: Pt. 1, Introduction

Bullying is a hot topic.  Recent high-profile suicides have brought it to our attention.  There have been countless rallies and news stories and magazine articles and yes, blog posts.  It is a problem in elementary schools, high schools, homes, playgrounds, colleges, and even the workplace.  The question we always ask ourselves is "What can we do about it?"

If you are an elementary or middle school educator, or the parent of child in these grades, these next several blog posts, posted over the next few weeks, will be targeted for you.  I hope to give you some practical advice that is designed specifically for your situation.  I welcome your feedback and your questions.  Every situation is different, but together we might be able to find some answers.

Over the next several posts we will look at the problem from several angles.  We will come up with a practical and "kid-friendly" definition and think about why we should care about bullying.  I will identify the major players in the bullying drama and discuss ways to counsel, encourage, and confront those involved.  Hopefully, together we can create a climate at your school where everyone at your school--students and staff--feels safe.

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